Let's have some fun! Who are the tallest/shortest players in Diamondbacks' team history?

Augie Ojeda, the shortest Arizona Diamondbacks player or no?
Augie Ojeda, the shortest Arizona Diamondbacks player or no? / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Tony Clark Arizona Diamondbacks Tallest Player
Tony Clark Tallest player? / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Who is the tallest player in Diamondbacks' history?

Well, if we know who the shortest is, 5'6 David Eckstein and Donnie Sadler, then who is the tallest? That's a mighty big question. Puns aside, let's start at 6'6. Yes, we had players taller than many NBA players. At 6'6, Tom "the Bartender" Wilhelmsen played with the Dbacks in 2017. Meanwhile, Adam Loewen, another relief pitcher, played with the team in 2016.

Standing tall at 6'7 was Daniel Cabrera whom pitched for us in 2009. Fun fact time! These last three pitchers each pitched their final big league game with the Diamondbacks.

At 6'8, Brandon McCarthy was a massive figure on the mound. Of course, Tony Clark was a massive figure at the plate. McCarthy played in 2013/14 with the Dbacks. I, myself, didn't know he was that tall. Meanwhile, Tony Clark is the current president of the MLBPA or the players' union. He's often seen talking to Commissioner Rob Manfred. Tony Clark played with the Dbacks from 2005-09, ending his career with the team.

The 3rd-tallest player to ever play for the Diamondbacks? That would be Kam Mickolio who is 6'9. So many pitchers are so tall, it's crazy. He was traded to the Diamondbacks with David Hernandez in the Mark Reynolds trade with the Orioles. He pitched only one season with the team in 2011, the final time he appeared in the MLB. Alright, so if you're a really tall pitcher, I guess Arizona is where you come to make your final MLB appearance.

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The 2nd-Tallest player to ever play for the team is none other than the Big Unit. That's right, Randy Johnson is the 2nd-tallest much to the surprise of many. He stands a giant 6'10, which helps explain how menacing he looked on the mound. I don't have to remind you of what the Hall of Fame pitcher did while with Arizona. It's still surprising to find out that he isn't the tallest. I thought he was.

Jon Rauch Arizona Diamondbacks Tallest player
Jon Rauch in a picture that could fit on the screen, at 6'11 is the tallest Dbacks player ever / Lisa Blumenfeld/GettyImages

So, who is the tallest player in the Diamondbacks history? That would be none other than the massive relief pitcher named Jon Rauch. He is 6'11! That's just mind-boggling to me. He only pitched with us from 2008-09 when we traded him away but still. It's impressive a man that big can even pitch well enough to get into the MLB.

Anyways, were there any surprises on this list? Did I miss someone? Let me know in the comments!