Rookie of the year and NL MVP? Diamondbacks Corbin Carroll is showing that he is capable

Atlanta Braves v Arizona Diamondbacks
Atlanta Braves v Arizona Diamondbacks / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

When writing about Corbin Carroll, there aren’t enough adjectives to describe how good he truly is at America’s pastime.

He hits well, he fields well, and he runs well.  He is everything a manager could ask for in a ball player.  Carroll is probably the guy that is good at anything and everything outside of baseball.  I think we all personally know someone like that. 

What Corbin is doing so far in 2023, is almost unheard of, and if I am being honest, I feel like he has not gotten enough recognition from the Media.

Allow me to break down why this Arizona superstar could not only win Rookie of the Year but also the National League MVP award.

Diamondbacks Corbin Carroll is showing that he is capable of winning both

In theory, to win the MVP award, you have to be a guy that is irreplaceable.  If you were to go down due to injury, your team would suffer significantly.

I believe that is the case with Carroll.  As I said before, he is a player that can do a little bit of everything.  He hits well, fields well, and runs well.  A rare commodity in the game of baseball.

Let’s look at the numbers shall we (my favorite thing to do); and when we look at the following numbers, let’s keep in mind that Carroll is a rookie.

When it comes to offense among all National League players, Corbin is 8th in OPS, 10th in OBP, and 10th in slugging percentage.  In the last 15 days, Carroll is 6th in slugging percentage and OPS.

When it comes to running, Carroll is 2nd in sprint speed (feet per second), 3rd in stolen bases, and 9th in runs scored.

When it comes to fielding, Carroll is statistically the best outfielder in the NL with an OAA of 4.

Now I know, Carrol isn’t in the top 5 in almost any offensive category.  But who else is doing what he is doing right now?  You could make an argument for Braves OF Ronald Acuna Jr., but Acuna Jr. is atrocious on defesne.  He currently posts the 3rd worst OAA out of all NL outfielders.

The MVP should go to a ball player that is well-rounded and the numbers show that Carroll’s game is as well-rounded as it gets…