Diamondbacks Preparing for Arbitration Hearings with Trumbo, and Reed


The Arizona Diamondbacks have not gone to a salary arbitration hearing with a player since 2001. Process that for a second. The D-backs have not had to negotiate one of their players salary for the upcoming season with an arbitrator in 14 years.

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That could be changing this year. The Diamondbacks have not been able to reach an agreement with either closer Addison Reed or slugger Mark Trumbo. Negotiations are at a standstill, and it looks like Dave Stewart and the rest of the front office are preparing to go to court.

This is what Stewart told Steve Gilbert of MLB.com:

"“Things are exactly as they were a week ago, two weeks ago, we’re in exactly the same place,” D-backs general manager Dave Stewart said of negotiations with the two players. “There has not been any movement to the positive, so we’re still preparing ourselves as if we’re going to have to go [to a hearing].”“I don’t think anyone is looking forward to going to an arbitration hearing,” Stewart said. “I don’t think that the team is, and I don’t think that the agent looks forward to the process, and I know that the player doesn’t. I’ve been a player and I know that in that period of time, I wasn’t looking forward to going into a room and sitting there listening to a team tell me all the things that I can’t do, all of my shortcomings. It’s not a good process. It doesn’t do anybody any good to go into a room and, I guess, air out your laundry.”"

Being in the same place two weeks before Spring Training is not a good sign. Reed filed at $5.6 million, and the D-backs came in at $4.7 million. Trumbo filed at $6.9 million, and the Dbacks filed at $5.3 million.

The last time the Diamondbacks went to a hearing with a player was with catcher Damien Miller, and teams generally try to avoid it.