Arizona Diamondbacks – for now, no movement among managers

Chip Hale ( Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports)
Chip Hale ( Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports) /

Walt Weiss has been rumored to replace Chip Hale as manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks

In late July, a report from CBS Sports suggested that the firing of manager Chip Hale of the Arizona Diamondbacks was eminent.

The writer was Dayn Perey, and came out directly, “as for Hale, he’s gone … as Arizona manager.” Reports at the same time indicated Hale was indeed fired, but Ken Kendrick, the managing general partner of the Arizona Diamondbacks, stepped in and saved Hale from the guillotine.

Since the Perry report on July 22, the Diamondbacks are 18-29, and that’s coming into Monday’s home game with the Rockies. Advancing to this game, the team has lost six straight and swept in 12 series this season.

All of which could be a formula for change, but since the rumors circulated in late July, quiet and calm have descended upon Chase Field.

At the time of these reports, Walt Weiss, manager of the Colorado Rockies, was rumored to replace Hale. In the final year of his contract, Weiss has guided the Rockies for the past four seasons. According to sources, the Colorado management team is not prepared to go forward with Weiss in 2017, and his status is likely to wait by the phone to wait for a call.

Before Monday’s game with the Diamondbacks in Chase Field, Weiss was tight-lipped about taking over for Hale. At the same time, he would not speculate on his future.

“The Diamondbacks have a manager,” he said. “He is under contract for another year.”

Replacing Hale, he added, “has not crossed my mind.”

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Regarding standing in the National League West Division, the Rockies have had a similar experience as the Diamondbacks. Unable to piece wins together, the longest winning streak this season was two, four-game winning streaks and two three-game winning streaks. The team ERA is 4.82, and only the Twins, Reds and Diamondbacks have higher team ERAs. The Diamondbacks have the highest team ERA, at 5.24, of any club in the major leagues.

If Hale’s position came into question, the future of Dave Stewart, the Arizona general manager and Tony La Russa, the team’s Chief Baseball Officer, have also come into suspect. If the contracts of Stewart, La Russa and senior vice president of baseball operations De Jon Watson are dismissed, then a priority would exist in hiring.

When Hale signed a two-year deal to manage the Diamondbacks in October, 2014, he also signed for the option year of 2017. Earlier this season, the Diamondbacks exercised the option, and Hale is, at least for now, is committed for next season.

Should Kendrick and other top management officials decide to dismiss Hale, and if Stewart, La Russa and Watson are also dismissed, the new hire at GM would then likely have the duty of signing a new field manager.

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For now, this is all speculation, and Weiss, once at the center of this dialogue, remains manager of the Rockies. As well, Hale continues to guide the field fortunes of the Diamondbacks.