Jimmie Sherfy should be the Arizona Diamondbacks closer in 2018

PHOENIX, AZ - SEPTEMBER 08: Relief pitcher Jimmie Sherfy
PHOENIX, AZ - SEPTEMBER 08: Relief pitcher Jimmie Sherfy /

The Arizona Diamondbacks will lead with Fernando Rodney as the closer in the 2017 postseason, but 2018 could be the year of Jimmie Sherfy

While Fernando Rodney has done some amazing things for the Arizona Diamondbacks so far this season he has also had some blow-ups.

I think, I speak for most fans of the Diamondbacks when saying one year was enough of the Rodney Experience.

While he may have let the fans down in some big games, he has played well for a man earning only $2.75 million. According to sportrac.com, this is 13th most in baseball and $1.55 million below the average of $4.3 million.

What does this budget closer get us this year?

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Rodney is tied for the third most saves in all of baseball at 38. He is also converting 86.4 percent of all of his save attempts which are close to an elite level.

So should the Diamondbacks decide not to keep Rodney who should they go with? I believe the answer is that the best choice for the team is to go with Jimmie Sherfy.

Why Sherfy and not Archie Bradley?

Because Bradley is too driven to be a starter and it only makes sense for him to re-join the rotation in 2018.

If the Diamondbacks don’t make him a starter, he could decide to leave Arizona when his contract is up for a team that will let him start.

This is why Jimmie Sherfy should be the Diamondbacks closer in 2018.

Pitch type

According to Fangraphs Sherfy has three pitches in his arsenal.

A 94 mph fastball, a 78 mph slider, and an 89 mph changeup.

You do not need four pitches to be a closing pitcher in the  MLB. Heck, if you are Aroldis Chapman, all you need is one.

The important thing with Sherfy’s pitches is that all three are at different velocities.  With this, he can always keep the batter on edge with what he will be throwing next.


Jimmie Sherfy was drafted four years ago in the 10th round of the 2013 first-year player draft.

He is 25 years old and according to most experts, he is about to hit his prime as a player.

If he were to truly explode on the scene as a player it should happen within the next two years.

Best to have him up here when that happens as opposed to down in Reno.

As he continues to age he should also get a bit stronger allowing his fastball to speed up and making his rare change-up even deadlier.

Current success

Since being called up early in September, Sherfy has played in seven games and pitched seven innings.

In those seven innings, he has looked electric. He has yet to give up a run and has given up only two hits. Facing against him batters have a .087 batting average.

To go along with that amazing stat, he has a 0.29 WHIP.

All of these stats make the young man out to be someone that could be a certified top closer in the league if he can keep this up.

Final thoughts

With the way, the year is progressing, Rodney is without a doubt the Diamondbacks closer for the playoffs.

But, with the way Sherfy is playing there is no need to bring him back next year at 41 years old.